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Park Hill Media is a New York based Web Design Company that creates stunningly beautiful and thoroughly functional websites for clients all around the world. The work that we do, always reflects our artistic nature and our deep passion for this unique form of expression. We simply love what we do, and take great pride in our creations. Whether it is the beautiful graphic design, or the logical composition of the websites we create, the dedication that goes into our work is always apparent.

We strongly believe that each new website we create, is a unique work of art that must fully express the sentiment of its owner. It does not matter what your organization is about, if you do not make the right impression on the visitors, your website will not be successful. Our main goal is to create a website for you that will make a profound impression on your visitors, and set you apart from the competition. The importance of look and feel is just as profound as what is written within the pages, because together they combine to distinguish your brand and reputation.

When we create a website for a client, we want them to be successful online, because it ultimately reflects upon us. When our clients succeed and do well online, when their brand builds a good reputation and trust, our presence becomes stronger and our brand reputation increases. So it is in our best interest to support our customers in every way possible. We approach every new job with this same philosophy in mind, and that is what we owe our success to.


Website Design & Development Process

There are several stages in the website design and development process. From collecting preliminary information, to the production of the website, and then finally the delivery to the client.

  • Learn the website requirements

  • Plan the design elements

  • Design of graphics

  • Coding and construction

  • Testing of website functionality

  • Deliver website to client


For customers who want to know more about web design, and who would like to understand just what kind of work goes into their purchase with us, we have detailed our design process below.


1. Learning the requirements

When a customer is interested in having us create their website, we ask them to describe their vision to us. We ask what kind of functionality they envision, as well as what type of look they are after, any color preference, etc. By asking these questions and taking notes, we are able to understand what direction to go in when designing their website.

We use the information given to design a visual mockup. This visual prototype (mockup) can be altered until the client is satisfied. Once we have all of the info needed from the client, we create a proposal based on that information. When the client accepts the proposal, we begin the actual development.

2. Planning

Using the accepted design proposal and visual prototype as guides, we create the blueprint for your website. This is how we put the functionality, layout, and navigation into perspective for ourselves. All of the future work for the website is mapped out at this point, and the internal workings and logic are clearly defined. This very important step is how we manage to always develop with professional and attractive results.

3. Graphic Design

At this stage in development, we are working with the graphics chosen by the client for the look of the website. Here we create the high resolution graphics that will eventually be coded into the final product. Unlike the flat prototype, these graphics will be made into separate parts and will be a much higher resolution. All of the elements of our blueprint are seamlessly put together here. From page layout, to typography, this creative form of visual communication is painstakingly pieced together.

4. Development

In this step of the web design process, everything is put together by taking all of the individual graphic elements from the last step and using them to create the actual, functioning website. The chosen content management system is created or altered at this point, and all of the elements of the desired functionality are fully integrated. All of the features that make this unique design come to life are coded together seamlessly to create the final product.

5. Testing

This important step is where we test all functionality of the website, and make sure that it has maximum compatibility with all current major browsers. We rigorously test all functions and features of the site, and check for any type of errors. When the site is verified to be in full working order and in compliance with the contract, we are able to deliver it to the client.

6. Delivery

Now that the site is finished, all that remains to be done is to deliver it to the client. This means giving them their personal log-in information, and whatever instructions they need in order to run the website themselves.




Finally there are some optional steps that can be done, depending on what the customer plans to do with their new website. We pride ourselves on being a full service web design company, so we offer these unique services for those rare occasions when a specific customer may need them.

Website Content Writing (optional)

It rarely happens, but sometimes a customer is looking for more than just a website design. Sometimes the client will want us to actually do the writing for their web property. This is usually when they don't have the time or patience to write about their own business, or when they want a more professional touch. For whatever reason it may be; time constraints, lack of writing skill, etc, they look to us for professional guidance. We have professional writers that work full time with us, so we are always ready for this optional step in development. See our content writing page for more info.

Maintenance (optional)

This optional step is where we would be taking responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the website, in the event that the new owner does not have the resources or desire to run it themselves. We take on the task of keeping the site secure and up-to-date, as well as making any desired additions to the functionality or appearance. To find out more, visit our website maintenance page.

Promotion (optional)

It is not necessarily the job of a web designer or web design company to do off-page promotion for a website. However, as modern developers, we know the business of promotion using search engines. We build all of our websites to be search engine friendly, but off-page Search Engine Optimization is an entirely different business altogether. If you are interested in outsourcing the promotion of your website to professionals in SEO, please contact us for more information.